10 Obscure Road Laws You (Probably) Never Think About

All of the UK's drivers have passed the theory test, but there are a fair amount of obscure road laws that catch out thousands of unaware drivers every year. Want to make sure you aren't breaking some of these less common road laws? Let's learn all about them!

1. Running [INSERT YOUR NAME]'s Taxi Service

I’m sure we’ve all asked for, or given, some petrol money for a lift before.

Well, amazingly, this goes against taxi regulations. Giving your mate a lift and making a profit from it can lead to a whopping £2500 fine, 6 points and even your vehicle being seized!

Maybe play it safe and ask them to just put a tenner’s worth of petrol in next time. Or even better, send them our way and get a refer-a-friend reward!

2. Being a slowcoach

Ever been stuck behind a car crawling along so slowly that you can almost feel your hair growing? It’s a classic driving frustration!

While speeding is the most common offence on the road, did you know the same applies for driving too slowly?

Driving slowly enough that it directly endangers other road users can get you as much as a £5000 fine and a staggering 9 points! It’s all about finding the right balance.

3. Making a splash

Picture the scene. You’re having a shocker of a day — your boss is being awkward, you’re running late for an appointment, your partner is making you wash the dishes tonight, and the weather is reflecting your mood.

Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, a vehicle steams it through a puddle on the side of the road and—SPLASH!—you’re drenched from head to toe.

Sounds like a terrible day, right? Well, things could end much worse for the driver. Being found guilty of splashing a pedestrian can lead to a £100 fine and 3 points on your licence due to it being a clear act of “incompetence and selfishness” — savage burn. Immerse yourself in knowledge with our top tips to driving in the rain.

4. Keeping a medical condition under wraps

From day one of your driving journey, the DVLA must know of any medical conditions which affect your driving.

Some of these are glaringly obvious; failing an eyesight test will lead to failing your practical test before you’ve even got the wheels rolling, for example.

However, there are some most obscure conditions that you might overlook. And if you do, the DVLA could revoke your licence or, even if worse, you could face jailtime if your condition caused an accident.

One example for you — did you know that suffering from déjà vu and not informing the DVLA can lead to a fine? I’m sure I remember hearing that somewhere…

5. Being a potty mouth

Let’s be honest, we’ve all been responsible for dropping the old F-bomb when frustrated in the heat of the moment. Usually, it’s something that you forget and move on from, but not on the road!

That’s because you can receive a fine of up to £1000 for swearing at other road users. Maybe save it for the football!

6. Listening to bangers

Another situation most of us will be familiar with. Some of the most frequently asked questions on road trips are ‘Who’s got the aux?’ or ‘Who’s put Celine Dion on again?’.

Well, maybe this common pastime isn’t as simple as it sounds. On top of potential fines and points for playing music too loud, if you refuse to turn it down, you’re even at risk of your car being seized!

Maybe keep the volume to a reasonable level so it's not too distracting… Failing that, how about a good old fashioned game of eye spy?

7. Crushing the establishment

It’s very ‘us against them’ in many walks of life. On the road, it’s The Driver vs The Establishment and we all want to help our fellow road users.

Well, the law doesn’t necessarily agree with you. They can slap you with a fine of up to £1000 for “wilfully obstructing a constable in the execution of his/her duty”.

The police/DVLA might be the pantomime villain for drivers, but trying to get around it is a risky business. You never know when they could be behind you.

8. Using Apple Pay

One of the most overlooked laws on this list, but a very legitimate one.

Many people use their phone to pay for everything, so why should paying for a quick Maccies drive thru be any different? Well…

Using your phone at the wheel is only legal with the engine off and the handbrake on.

So, while it feels a bit tight, the law is the same here as if you were using your phone while waiting in traffic. You can get 6 points and a £200 fine if you use a phone while driving, and if you’re found to be using your phone behind the wheel within 2 years of passing, they'll revoke your licence!

I’m sure you can find another way of sticking it to the man!

9. Honking if you're anything but in danger

While using your horn to let other drivers know you’re there is perfectly legal, there are many times when honking is against the law.

If your honk is seen as aggressive and/or an unnecessary distraction for other drivers, you can be landed with a £1000 fine. Honk if you’re wealthy!

10. Going on a quick caravan holiday

With the UK having over half a million caravaners, it’s vital to know the laws regarding towing.

It’s illegal to go above 60mph with a caravan in tow. But did you also know caravanners aren’t allowed to use the outside lane on the motorway? Breaking this law can lead to a £2500 fine, as well as points on your licence.

Make sure you bear this in mind next time you go on a caravan road trip!

And there you have it — our top 10 most obscure road laws. Know any so obscure that we've missed them on this article? Drop us a comment below so we can all avoid getting in trouble (but no telling us where speed cameras are hiding, as we learned earlier...).

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