PassPerks: Discounts & Rewards

Discounts and rewards for over 100 big brands

Jump in and buckle up — we're about to go shopping!

Take the faster route to driving and you'll get much more than fast-tracked tests and a top-notch instructor.

Everybody who books a fast-tracked driving course with PassMeFast gets exclusive discounts, offers and rewards on 100+ of your favourite brands.


Here's a sneak peek at what you could be getting

How to get your rewards

Step 1 — Book any PassMeFast driving course

Pop in your postcode to get timescales and prices in your area. Choose from our flexible payment options and book your course.

Step 2 — Log in to your Student Portal

Once you've booked, we'll send you a link to your Student Portal where you'll find discounts, rewards and more PassPerks.

Step 3 — Claim your rewards

Choose your rewards and enjoy the savings on 100+ of your favourite brands! Don't forget to keep checking back — we regularly handpick the best new offers for you.

PassPerks FAQs

Can I get rewards without booking a course?

Afraid not — our PassPerks Discounts & Rewards are exclusively for PassMeFast customers.

What kind of brands do you have discounts and rewards for?

We've got something for everybody. From Gousto and SimplyCook for the foodies to I Saw It First and Boohoo for the fashionistas, we're certain you'll find something to get your motor firing.

Where can I find PassPerks Discounts & Rewards?

Once you've booked a PassMeFast course, log into your Student Portal and you'll find PassPerks in the main menu.

Help! I want to book a course, but don't know how many hours I need...

That’s what we’re here for! Take our Course Recommender for a test drive. It’s smart, fast and will tell you exactly which course you need to pass their driving test.

Seen The Terminator one too many times and don’t trust A.I.? We have real-life, breathing humans who can recommend a course too! Give us a call on 0333 123 4949 and we’ll get you on the road in no time.  

Is there a limit to how many rewards I can claim?

Nope, zero, none, nada, nowt, zilch. Go nuts and claim as many as you want!