Why Do I Need A Booking Agent?

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One of the great things about booking a PassMeFast course is that we take care of all aspects of your driving journey. Now, obviously we can’t get behind the wheel and learn to drive on your behalf, but we can organise pretty much everything else!

How do we pull this off with so many learners to look after, you ask? Well, everyone gets their very own Booking Agent! This is the secret ingredient to our courses that adds that personal touch and ensures you have a great learning experience.

For those not completely clear on what it is these Booking Agents do for you, we’re about to explain all!

What is a Booking Agent?

A Booking Agent is like your personal assistant and fairy godmother all rolled into one. When you sign up for a PassMeFast course, you’ll soon get an email from your personal Booking Agent, introducing themselves and explaining what the next steps will be. From then on they will be your main point of contact for anything related to your driving course.

If, at any stage, you need to get in touch with your Booking Agent, you can do so by email or phone (0333 123 4949). Whatever your issue—be it small or large—they’ll be happy to help!

What kind of things will they do for you?

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The bookings

Well, for starters, the clue is in the name. Booking Agents book things. As these guys are dedicated to helping you earn a driving licence, the things they’re booking are your tests. First comes the theory test, and once that’s passed, you move onto the practical.

You might think that it’s easy enough to book your own tests, and that’s true to an extent. The thing is, though, the tests you’re able to book yourself are likely to be months away. That’s no good if you’re looking to pass fast!

Our Booking Agents are a massive help because they will secure you fast-tracked tests. These are test slots scheduled weeks in advance of most of the ones on offer when you check the DVSA website yourself. (We’re not going to go into how this magic happens here, because we already have a detailed article explaining how fast-tracked tests work—enjoy!)

The connections

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Booking Agents also act as your go-between for any other people or departments that may be relevant for your course. The most important of these is your instructor. Initially, your Booking Agent will liaise with our ADI team to set you up with the instructor that is most suited to your needs. This will be based on things like transmission (automatic or manual), location and any gender preference you may have stated.

Once you’ve been introduced to your instructor, the Booking Agent will largely leave you guys to correspond on a one-to-one basis. It is, after all, beneficial to the learning process for you to have a good relationship with your ADI.

If you have any issues, however, or need to bring something up that you’re not comfortable discussing directly with your instructor, the Booking Agent can swoop in to help.

Everything in between

Aside from taking care of the boring admin tasks and interacting with various people on your behalf, your Booking Agent is also there for anything else you may need. Fancy a chat about how your course is going? Give ‘em a call. Got a question regarding your practical test and how it works? Shoot them an email. Need someone to clean your bathroom? Dooon’t push it!

How does it improve your driving journey?

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Learning to drive requires a lot of hard work and dedication, so it’s not always the most stress-free process. Having someone on hand who is knowledgeable about driving and has plenty of experience helping learners is a real asset.

The fact that your Booking Agent organises everything with the DVSA for you takes a huge amount of pressure off that many other (non-PassMeFast) learners have to deal with. This frees you up to focus more on the driving itself!

Plus, should you get in a flap about being test-ready in time, or suffer from any last minute nerves, there’s someone waiting at the end of the phone to make you feel better.

Personal point of contact

Whether you find yourself needing to make the most of your Booking Agent or not, it’s good to know they’re there. As we’ve mentioned, learning to drive is a big undertaking. It can be very disconcerting to be left to manage everything on your own.

Having a Booking Agent means that you’re not just left out in the wilderness to fend for yourself. They’ll keep you updated with any important information you need to know about your course and even check in to see how you’re getting on.

The word on the street about Booking Agents

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We’ve bigged up our Booking Agents quite a lot at this point, but we do accept that we’re a teeny bit biased. Don’t just take our word for it, then, have a look at some of the nice things our previous learners have said about their Booking Agents…

“My experience with PassMeFast has been amazing! My Booking Agent Adam helped me throughout my entire journey and checked that I was happy and progressing well with my lessons.” - Hannah, Birmingham

“My PassMeFast Booking Agent, Harriet, was excellent at sorting out my instructor and a test date that suited me. She was very professional and reliable, checking throughout my course that everything was going good for me.” - Sarah, Liverpool

“The guys at PassMeFast were awesome! Alex was my agent, he was always fast, responsive and very helpful.” - Glen, Sheffield

“The whole experience with PassMeFast has been great. I didn’t have to worry about arranging my theory or practical tests, Lorraine (Booking Agent) was on top of anything I needed.” - Izzy, Leeds

“PassMeFast were very conscientious, with the same two agents from start to finish checking in with me to make sure everything was going well with my instructor, wishing me good luck before my tests, and even ringing up to congratulate me after passing my practical.” - Kim, Liverpool

Get your own Booking Agent

If a personal Booking Agent sounds like something you’d appreciate having on your road to qualification, consider a PassMeFast course your best option. Trust us, earning that licence is much easier when you have help every step of the way!

You can even get to know our Booking Agents a little better before you start, courtesy of the PassMeFast blog. Satisfy your curiosity and gear up for your driving journey by finding our more about Adam, Charlotte and Alex!

Whatever your experience level and however you prefer to learn, a Booking Agent will craft and steer a driving course that is designed especially for you.


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