Armed Forces Discount

PassMeFast is proud to offer up to £75 off driving courses for serving members and veterans of our Armed Forces. See how you can save with our Armed Forces Discount.

Cartoon of a member of the armed forces with text overlaid saying '5% OFF'.

How to save with PassMeFast

If you’re looking to learn to drive, we can help you to pass fast and save cash.

PassMeFast offers discount codes through the Defence Discount Service, which is endorsed by the MoD. This is available to:

  • Serving members of the Armed Forces
  • Reserve forces
  • Spouses and partners of serving personnel
  • Veterans of the Armed Forces
  • MoD civil servants
  • Bereaved family members
  • War and service widows and widowers
  • Cadet forces over the age of 16
  • NATO personnel in the UK

To get the code you need to save up to £75, log into the Defence Discount Service website or use the mobile app. After that, all you need to do is…

Ready to pass fast? Click the button below to get started.

Cartoon of a member of the armed forces learning to driving a car with an instructor.

Pass fast with us

So, now you know that you can save on our driving courses. But what else makes PassMeFast so great?

Well, for starters, our excellent office team help to sort out the admin, so you can focus on the driving. You’ll also have a dedicated Booking Agent looking after you throughout your course.

Meanwhile, you’ll also benefit from our fast-tracking service. This means that we can get you in for a test at a local test centre much sooner than the usual waiting times.

Most importantly, we help you to pass fast. Working alongside DVSA-approved driving instructors, you’ll learn at an intensive or semi-intensive pace to get up to test standard within weeks of booking in.

It’s no wonder that so many learners have already chosen PassMeFast. So, what are you waiting for? Save on your course and book today!