ADI Terms & Conditions

PassMeFast acts as an agent to book and manage theory and practical driving tests, connect students with driving instructors in their local area, and provide support along the way for both students and instructors.

We don’t charge any franchise fees and there’s no minimum commitment or exclusivity agreement for our partnered instructors. You’re not employed by PassMeFast, and any contract exists between you and the student directly .

These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of England and Wales.

By signing up to use the PassMeFast ADI Portal, you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. Qualifications & Documentation

    1. You’re either a DVSA Approved Driving Instructor or Potential Driving Instructor
    2. You’re not currently suspended by the DVSA
    3. You’re willing and able to provide proof (photograph or scan) of your current DVSA instructor badge and will provide us with up-to-date copies when renewed
    4. You confirm you and your vehicle are insured for the purpose of teaching learner drivers, and can provide proof of insurance if needed

  2. Payments & Refunds

    1. Courses are accepted at the rate advertised; the fee cannot be negotiated after accepting the course
    2. PassMeFast requires 5 working days’ notice for any payments due to be paid to you. Therefore, we recommend that you plan a customer’s first lesson with at least 7 days’ notice.
    3. PassMeFast pays instructors for courses in in 10-hour instalments. For example, a 25-hour course will be paid in three instalments (2 x 10-hour instalments and 1 x 5-hour instalment)
    4. In order for payments to be made, you must record all scheduled and agreed lessons in the 'Lessons' section of the ADI Portal. In the case of the customer’s first lesson, PassMeFast will issue the payment the working day before the course is due to commence, as long as the correct procedure has been followed. 
      1. If a course is due to start on a Monday, the payment will be sent on the same Monday that the first lesson commences.
      2. If a course is due to start on a weekend or public holiday, the payment will be sent prior to the office closing before the weekend/holiday, providing you give us 5 working days’ notice before the payment is due.
    5. It is your responsibility to let us know how many hours are completed and when you require the following instalment by ensuring each lesson is logged on the 'Lessons' section of the ADI Portal. We require 5 days’ working notice for each instalment.
    6. If lessons have been scheduled on the ADI Portal, with 5 days' working notice, payments will be sent on the appropriate date. PassMeFast aims to process payments as soon as possible in the day but cannot guarantee they will be sent early in the morning.
    7. Payments can be delayed if we do not have correct and up-to-date banking details. By working with us you agree to provide us with accurate bank account details and accept it is your responsibility to keep these updated as required.
    8. You are self-employed and therefore personally responsible for your own National Insurance and Income Tax. You are not entitled to any additional payment for holiday leave, and you warrant that you have incorporated such payment into your rates.
    9. Due to the package nature of our courses, PassMeFast does not offer students refunds of any unused hours at the end of their course. However, leftover hours could be used for motorway lessons or a re-test if need be.

      There may occasionally be exceptions to this rule:

      1. If a complaint is received about an instructor that results in needing to allocate a new instructor to the customer’s course, we may require a refund of up to 100% of the course fees to cover the cost of their new instructor. PassMeFast will always communicate clearly with you regarding any complaints received of this nature.
      2. If you hand a student back to us for any reason, you will be required to refund all incomplete lesson hours so we can allocate a new ADI to the course
      3. If a customer is unable to sit their test due to a fault with your car, will be required to provide the customer with access to use your car for their next test once scheduled

  3. Accepting & Completing PMF Courses

    1. Courses are advertised with the details (e.g. test date, pick up location, availability) shown and cannot normally be changed once accepted
    2. When accepting a course, you are agreeing to complete the student’s tuition yourself and will not sub-contract this to any other person, even if they are a qualified instructor
      1. If, for any reason, you are unable to complete a course after accepting it and would like to pass it onto another qualified instructor, you must refer the instructor to PassMeFast. We’ll onboard the instructor as usual and you’ll be paid a £50 referral bonus. See Paragraph 5.2.3 for more details.
    3. The student’s practical test is included in the hours of their PassMeFast course. It is your responsibility to communicate with the customer how many hours you normally reserve for test day
    4. You should not request additional fees from the customer to cover the use of your car for the test as this is already included in their course fee
    5. If a student is unsafe or not ready for their test date, you are within your rights as a qualified instructor to refuse to take them to test in your vehicle. PassMeFast will support any decision you make of this nature.
      1. In this case, you agree to communicate clearly and directly with the customer regarding why they are not ready to sit the practical driving test and why you are refusing to take them
      2. Where possible, try to avoid this happening by advising the customer to upgrade their course (see section 3.6 below) in advance of their test date
    6. If a customer requires more hours to prepare for their test date, it’s possible to upgrade their course:
      1. You agree to advise that students purchase additional hours directly from PassMeFast and will not accept cash from the student for this purpose
      2. If a customer needs to alter their test date to accommodate additional hours of tuition, PassMeFast can complete this change but require 4 clear working days’ notice to effect the change. The customer would normally be required to pay a £30 admin fee, but we’ll waive this if the additional hours are purchased directly through PassMeFast.
    7. You agree to keep PassMeFast updated with regards to the student’s progress; particularly relating to any changes that need to be made to their test or course hours.
    8. A student’s course is only considered complete once they have completed their lessons and, in most cases, taken their practical driving test. You need to input their test result to the ADI Portal for the job to be marked as completed on your records.

  4. Behaviour & Conduct

    1. Once you have accepted a PassMeFast course and have access to the customer’s details, you will contact the student within 48 hours to introduce yourself and plan their first lesson.
    2. It is your responsibility to manage your diary effectively and keep customers informed of any lesson changes and/or cancellations in good time.
    3. PassMeFast recommends a 48-hour cancellation policy between students and instructors. However, it is your responsibility to clarify your cancellation policy with the student at the very start of the relationship to ensure PassMeFast can support you with upholding this, should it be needed, further down the line.
    4. You are responsible for the safety of your student and all other road users during lessons and will always teach with due care and attention. You agree to not use a mobile phone or smoke (including e-cigarettes) during lessons.
    5. If, while working for us, we find that you have made any false, derogatory statements in public or in private about PassMeFast, we reserve the right to terminate your services with immediate effect.
    6. “PassMeFast” is a trademark of our company covered by UK law. You may not, therefore, use the name “PassMeFast” without our explicit consent. If we find that you have used the name PassMeFast, or any variations thereof (e.g., “PMF”) without our consent, we reserve the right to terminate your services with immediate effect.

  5. Extra Ways to Earn

    PassMeFast offers several ways for ADIs to earn bonuses during courses. All bonuses are paid at PassMeFast’s discretion and can be withdrawn at any time.

    1. It is your responsibility to inform us when you believe you have met the requirements for a bonus; all payments will be made in line with the conditions under section 2 above.
    2. Available bonuses include (but are not limited to) the following:
      1. For every pass photo you send PassMeFast that includes PMF branding (e.g. door magnet or roof box) you will earn £10. We reserve the right to refuse payment if any other branding is visible, or the quality of the photo is below standards required for use.
      2. For every one of your students who mentions your name during a positive review on PassMeFast’s TrustPilot, Yell or Google review pages, you will earn £5. We consider all reviews 4 stars or above as ‘positive’.
      3. For every ADI you refer to work with us, you will receive £50 when they have started their first PassMeFast course.
      4. PassMeFast has partnered with non-fault accident repair experts, Vehicle Concepts, to provide ADIs with fast and reliable key-to-key vehicle repairs in the event of an accident. If you have an accident that wasn’t your fault, use Vehicle Concepts free of charge and earn £50 if the lease runs over 7 days. Vehicle Concepts’ own Terms and Conditions also apply.
      5. PassMeFast has partnered with learner and young driver insurance specialists, Marmalade, to offer ADIs a way to earn commission through Marmalade Network. Marmalade Network is a commission scheme that rewards driving instructors for referring learner drivers to Marmalade’s range of insurance policies. Marmalade’s own Terms and Conditions also apply.

  6. Processing Personal Data

    1. Any personal data provided to PassMeFast by you will be held and processed in accordance with our Privacy Notice and the Data Protection Act 2018.
    2. PassMeFast will only give your personal information to other third parties where the law either requires or allows PassMeFast to do so.
    3. You will be considered as a ‘Data Processor’ for PassMeFast. You must follow GDPR regulations and our requirements outlined in this document to always protect your students’ personal data.

  7. Purpose of Processing Data

    1. You will only use personal data provided by PassMeFast, for the purpose specified by PassMeFast, namely, arranging and providing driving tuition.
    2. Types of personal data shared with you may include, but not be limited to, name; title; email address; home address; pick up address; telephone number; mobile telephone number.
    3. You shall not use any personal data provided by PassMeFast for any other purpose. For example, selling personal data to third-party companies, or using it to market other services.

  8. Data Security

    1. You will assess the risks of processing personal data, in particular the risks of personal data being lost or stolen, and implement appropriate security measures, including, as appropriate, the measures referred to in current UK GDPR legislation. This includes the following:
      1. Any of your personnel who have access to PassMeFast data are subject to confidentiality obligations.
      2. You must promote a culture of privacy in all activities relating to personal data.
      3. Any PassMeFast data stored or transferred electronically must be encrypted.
      4. Prior to any physical electronic disposal, you must ensure all PassMeFast data is deleted.
      5. You must have controls in place to help avoid malicious software gaining unauthorised access to PassMeFast data.
      6. Any third party that the ADI uses to process PassMeFast data will have contracts that as a minimum will include General Terms and Agreements, Data Sharing Agreement, and a Data Sharing Schedule.
      7. Contracts that you use with any third party to process PassMeFast data must be agreed with the PassMeFast prior to contract signature.
      8. You will not share PassMeFast data to third parties (including sub-contractors) without clear and unambiguous consent of the PassMeFast.

  9. Data Subject Rights

    1. You will assist PassMeFast to respond to requests made by students, or other applicable individuals, to exercise their Data Subject Rights under the Data Protection Laws. For example, requests to receive copies of their personal data, or requests to have their personal data deleted.
      1. You will promptly notify PassMeFast if you receive a request from a PassMeFast student in relation to their personal data; and
      2. Ensure that you do not respond to that request except on the documented instructions of PassMeFast or as required by law, in which case you shall to the extent permitted by law, inform PassMeFast of that legal requirement before responding to the request.

  10. Lost or Stolen Data

    1. In the event of personal data being lost or stolen, you must notify PassMeFast without undue delay, and provide PassMeFast with sufficient information to allow us to meet any obligations to report or respond to the incident, as required under the Data Protection Laws.
    2. You must cooperate with PassMeFast and take reasonable steps as directed by us to assist in the investigation, mitigation and remediation of each such incident.
    3. You must maintain a record of any incidents of lost or stolen personal data.

  11. Deletion of Personal Data

    1. You must not keep personal data for longer than is necessary for fulfilling the agreed purpose of having the data, or for meeting legal requirements, and must not exceed the retention periods outlined in our Privacy Notice.
    2. When instructed by PassMeFast to delete personal data provided by us, you must do so promptly and provide written confirmation of deletion.